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Arandes Gold Tequila

Gold tequila is unaged silver tequila that has been colored with caramel coloring. It is also known as mixto as it is made from a mixture from at least 51% blue agave and the rest from other sugars, usually canebased. Tequila is made by distilling the fermented juice of agave plants in Mexico. Oro means gold

Arandes Silver Tequila

Silver tequila is unaged which contributes a sharp punch in the mouth taste with notes of pure blue agave. Arandas Silver Tequila typically finds it’s way into the most popular Tequila cocktails, Margaritas. Tequila is made by distilling the fermented juice of agave plants in Mexico. Plata means silver

Gran Corralejo Añejo Tequila (750ml)

sweet spice, citrus flavor caramel and vanilla. Aged a minimum of 2 years in French Limousin Oak barrel

Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila (750ml)

Jose Cuervo Gold is made from the highest quality blue agave, unique to Mexico. Perfect tequila for cocktails.

Jose Cuervo Silver Tequila (750ml)

Cuervo Silver is a smooth tequila, unique and balanced blend to bring out tones of agave, caramel, and fresh herbs in its flavor profile

Negrita White Rum (750ml)

Crafted from a rigorous rum selection and true to its roots, NEGRITA’s enticingly exotic flavours encapsulate all the fun of the laid-back Caribbean vibe. Sweet and fruity with pleasant citrus notes, NEGRITA White Signature combines warmth with a zingy freshness, ideal for cocktails.

Olmaca reposado Tequila (750ml)

Olmeca Reposado, clear and light golden amber. Slightly subdued with brazil nut, floral lilac, cardamom spice and stewed aromas.

Olmeca Blanco Tequila (750ml)

Olmeca Blanco a tequila with intense, fruity aromas, combining fresh green citrus with ripe sweet fruits and cooked agave, and is ideal for refreshing cocktails.